Rituals & Rose Quartz for a Self-Care New Moon

"The nurturing energy of Cancer reminds us that self-care starts with us." - Spirit Daughter
I know I'm not alone in struggling to make time to take care of myself. The New Moon is always a good time to set intentions for the next lunar cycle, but yesterday's new moon in Cancer especially invites you to commit to your self-care practice. Here are some of my favorite ways to try and find that elusive balance!

1. Holding a token of my intentions 

I love that the ritual of flipping my Moon Phase Pendant for each moon phase gives me a reason to stop and recognize the cycle - sometimes all you can commit to is just a moment of calm, but it's better than nothing!
Rose Quartz is thought to promote healing, calm, and togetherness. Hold it during a new moon ritual to focus your energy into your self-care practice and finding your own calm.

2. The ritual of a bath

A surprising number of things can be solved by a good bath.. It's super important to reconnect with your physical body and thank it for all the work it does for you!

3. Journaling my intentions

Giving myself the space to reflect on what I need and where I'm at feels like an investment in my future peace of mind.
Whatever your self-care looks like, wishing you all a re-energizing new moon :)

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