Email us at with any questions! Jen will get back to you right away!


Have you lost an earring? Bummer! Luckily We can usually make a match to yours - it is half the price of the pair! As all pieces are handmade, It helps for us to have the actual earring to make a match as best we can. If you’re local, you can drop it off at our Soda Plant studio - 266 Pine St, Ste 225. Please include a note regarding the repair with your name and email address. We will email you with the cost and time estimate. Once repaired, you can pay online or when you pick up your item at the studio. Please note, metals can change over time, especially with each person’s unique skin chemistry and matches might not always ‘match’ 100%. Plus over time we’ve changed hammers and techniques. We will match as best as we can!

Not local? You can package it up (in a box or bubble wrap within a padded or cardboard mailer) and mail it to me: Jennifer Kahn, 266 Pine St, Ste 225 Burlington, VT 05401. I can ship an item back to you for $3.50 First Class mail. Let me know if you want to pay for Priority mail or if you want it insured.

Please note: Repairs can take 2-4 weeks (sometimes, longer, sorry, especially during the holiday season!) as we work in batches and need to be able to fit your piece into a batch of copper or silver or brass… Rush repairs (1-2 weeks) are possible for a fee.

General repair: Fees are based on the time it takes to repair and the materials needed so once we see the item, we can let you know how much it will cost and include an estimate of how long it should take depending on our current  workload.

Be sure to: Always wear backs, we provide them with every pair and we're happy to provide extra! Scarves and hugs are often the culprit of missing earrings so wear protection! Never place earrings in pockets or toss in a bag, so easily lost that way…