New Ruby Collection for July!

Happy July!
It's officially summer here in Burlington! We're welcoming July's start by updating some of our favorite styles with rubies, July's glowing red birthstone.

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Last July we played around with raw rubies that leaned more strawberry-hued, but this summer I'm excited to return to rubies in their classic deep red form. Each of these pieces feature 100% ruby gems that we sourced especially for this collection.

Close to the heart...
Ruby is said to stimulate the heart chakra and bring spiritual wisdom. It's also believed to promote loving, health, knowledge and wealth.
There's more to celebrate! Our new neighbors at Haymaker Buns are officially open downstairs! We've missed Tomgirl Kitchen, so we're super excited you'll have a new spot for tasty treats the next time you come visit our studio in Burlington.

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We finally had a chance to go Strawberry picking at Full Belly Farm, just a few days left of the season! So juicy and ruby red!

Also wanted to share you can now find 永 jewelry at the Hellbrook Fine Art Gallery and Tattoo Studio in Morrissville, VT.

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