Perfect Pieces for Valentine's Day

Today's the New Moon in Aquarius and tomorrow is the Lunar New Year! It's a good time to share your authentic vibration with the world, elevating the vibration of the entire collective. More on this at the bottom of the blog post..
For now I've pulled together some fantastic finds for your Valentine! Like this Garnet Moon Lariat Necklace.

You can also use our Wishlist feature to get exactly what you want from your Valentine... just click on an item you want, choose "Add to Wishlist" to create a wishlist (near the "Add To Cart" button) and save it. Then you can share your list via email. We also always have Gift Cards!

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We have one more pair of red Feather Earrings - perfect to rock on Valentine's Day!

We've just finished a few more pairs of our new popular Amethyst Stalactite Slices - love the pair in the front with the red stripes!

We also just added new BIG Amethyst Slice Taliswoman Pendants and they're so dreamy and beautiful! We think these will go fast! Find them HERE.

We have some beautiful necklaces with Andesine, see them all HERE.

As well as Earrings with Andesine! This beautiful stone is associated with the heart chakra and is used to dispel negativity while providing clarity to one's thoughts. According to metaphysical beliefs, Andesine is also a grounding stone that can help ease stress. 

Our ever popular Copper Hoops make for a great gift too - copper brings out the color of the lips!

You can't go wrong with our Interconnected Necklace. The two rings can represent the unity of two partners, the bond between a mother and her child, the love between two siblings or best friends... we've heard from our customers many different reasons why they were so attracted to this design and why this became a must-have for themselves or as a gift for a loved one!
We have some extra little gifts to add to any jewelry gift - most are Moon themed! We just have a few of each but you can add them to any order online or in the showroom. Find them HERE.

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Thank you to all of you who've already preordered my brand new Eclipse Pendant! So excited about these! You can preorder them HERE.


Chani Nicholas writes "This New Moon is about breaking ties with whatever keeps our inner visionary, innovator, and world-builder asleep. It is about grappling with and witnessing the grief that is hidden in plain sight. It is about remembering that we are not too late to make the future better. In fact, this moment is the only place from which we can create change. It’s the only place from which we can learn to love, cherish, and take care of one another, and therefore the world."

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