Amethyst Collection!

Hello February! Today brings a lot of excitement - we're having our 5 year Showroom/Studio Anniversary Event Tonight! Details are below... 
We've also come full circle on our monthly Birthstone Collections and we're debuting a new batch of Amethyst!

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You all really liked our Amethyst Stalactite slices! We've finished another small batch!

Aquarius Season is January 20th - February 18th.
It's about owning what makes you YOU! Channi Nicholas says "Following your most outlandish whims is the secret to your glow up — so approach each day as an opportunity to bust out of your comfort zone. By honoring your authenticity, you give others permission to do the same." Love all of that! So here we have the Aquarian Amethyst Collection, perfect for your favorite Aquarius or anyone who loves PURPLE!
Amethyst is grounding stone, bringing tranquility and calm. It allows you to quiet your mind, which can aid in sleep and meditation. We've made a few really cool pendants.
We've made some tear drops with amethyst in brass and in sterling.

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I’ve had my Showroom for 5 years! Let’s Celebrate!!
--All jewelry will be 20% off!
--I’ll have a rack of my Clothing and Accessories for sale - 50% off!
--We’ll have a Raffle and everyone who comes by gets a ticket!
--The 1st 20 orders over $100 will get a ticket for a FREE drink to Venetian Cocktail and Soda Lounge downstairs!
--Plus we’ll have Mini Cupcakes!!
--We’ll go to Venetian from 7-8pm (feel free to stay later!)
You’ll also get to see our Full Birthstone Collection!
--Dress up (if you want!) & Shop and have a drink with us!

I'm so excited to host Laura Neal as she shares the Power and Purpose of Mala beads and Mantra Meditation while you learn to hand knot your own Mala bead necklace! Choose gemstones from Laura’s personal collection and finish with one of my charms to create your own one-of-a-kind piece. This workshop will take place over 2 sessions at my studio in Burlington. Wednesday, Feb 15th 5:30-8:30 & Thursday, Feb 21st 6-7. Class is limited to 10 people.

Mala with Brass Charm $160
Mala with Sterling Silver Charm $180
Sign up HERE.

Thank you to all of you who've already preordered my brand new Eclipse Pendant! So excited about these! You can order them HERE.

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