I Wrote A Book! So Many Moons

It's nearly finished and ready to print! This book is for artists, crafters, makers, vendors, entrepreneurs and small biz owners. It offers advice and tips for those trying to make something... and then sell that thing... online or in person. I am sharing 22 years worth of experience (recounting successes and failures) in the hopes that my jewelry journey can inspire your journey. 

You can choose to receive a signed copy of my book on it's own or you can pair it with some of my signature Moon jewelry pieces! Read more about it on Kickstarter by clicking the link below.

See it on Kickstarter HERE.

The first piece of Precious Metal Clay jewelry that I ever made was a tiny moon, similar to the ones below. I've been making moon pieces my whole career - I'm finally paying more attention to the moon! These represent the waxing and waning crescent moons, a reminder to blossom and bloom and then to rest and relax. You can get them with a signed copy of my book. They make a great first pair for a young one, also a great pair for 2nd hole ear piercings.

In conjunction with this book launch, I wanted to create a very special Reversible Moon Phase Pendant set. They're only available on Kickstarter! You can choose just the New Moon / Full Moon Reversible Pendant Reward. One side represents the New Moon, with a polished outer ring and darkened interior - a time to manifest and dream. The other side represents the Full Moon, shiny and bright - a time to release and see if those dreams begin to manifest! You can wear it to sync you up with those phases. It can act as a physical reminder to help make your dreams come true! It comes with a signed copy of my book. 

View Rewards on Kickstarter HERE.

Or you can choose the full set of 4 which reverses to all 8 phases! They come with one chain. The idea is that you can change them out to wear them along with the current moon phase. If you're working with the moon to manifest your dreams, wearing these pieces during their phases will be helpful totems to keep you on track! They come with a signed copy of my book. I hope you'll check out my project and all the rewards! I hope to hold the book in my hand on the eclipse. Speaking of that...

Thank you to all of you who've already preordered my brand new Eclipse Pendant! My team: Amber, Barbara and Rhea have worked hard to finish them and Jase has shipped all of the preorders way ahead of schedule! Also, if you chose "pick up" they are ready! Jase made a beautiful backer card and stamp to complete these pieces with perfect packaging. We have more in stock and ready to ship! You can order them HERE

Meanwhile we have entered Pisces season and the Full Moon in Virgo is happening on Saturday, emotions are running high! I know I've been particularly weepy this past week but I'm so excited to be putting my book, this Kickstarter and these New Moon pieces out into the world. 

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