Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earthy Day! I just donated $300 to OneTreePlanted, bringing our total donated to $3700 over the past few years. Today every purchase made from my website will plant 10 trees! I'll donate again at the end of the day! I laid low this past weekend. The last few weeks have been busy and intense and it felt so good to rest, deep clean our home, care for all our house plants, nourish myself with yummy foods, spend time with family and move slowly.
I wanted to share some special pieces with you...This was another version I was trying out for my Eclipse pendant. We ended up going with the 2 part version but I had a few extras of these that I handmade in PMC (Precious Metal Clay) which is pure silver once fired in my kiln. Pure silver bonds to pure gold through a process of heat and pressure called Keum-Boo. I hadn't done this technique for more than a year but last week I whipped these up to make these one of a kind Gold options! They just GLOW - 24k gold and pure silver, on 16-18" oxidized sterling silver chains. We have just a few available and that's it!

Gimme the Gold!

The backs have either the date and BTV, or just the date or plain. Only 5 to choose from! 

I love this pic that Rhea took so much! It captures my new Infinity Bracelet (we also make a necklace) and my Moon Ring and Shield Ring that I rock daily.

We've been super busy Phasing so many of my classics and my Mezzaluna designs. We're only making a few of each pair for this limited release, so get them while you can! Some have sold out already!

Take Me to the Cosmic Collection!

Friday night was so lovely! We released the new collection and it was well received! We sold books, I signed books. My husband got me flowers, my brother got me flowers, friends brought flowers and champagne. It all went by in a blur and then we moved the party downstairs to the Venetian where they made some amazing drinks (peep that crescent moon ice cube in the cosmic cosmo!) and Ilana - DJ Elemental played her special mix she made for me. Listen HERE.

My sweet customer Cathy had sent me a lil story about her empowering her daughter with my jewelry and I added it toward the end of my book. One of the highlights of Friday's book launch was witnessing Cathy read that part to her daughter. Had to snap this perfect pic!

Then, without my knowing, Cathy snapped this sweet pic of my son giving me flowers. I'm so happy she caught this! Oh mamas looking out for one another! 

It's that time again! I'd love it if you would nominate Jennifer Kahn Jewelry for the Best Place to Buy Jewelry (under the Shopping section). Find the link HERE. Thank you!!

From Chani Nicholas: A cathartic Full Moon in Scorpio
is happening tomorrow. It urges us to lie low, sort through our shadows and compost any lingering emotional deadweight. Occurring shortly after the fireworks of the Jupiter–Uranus conjunction, this lunation gives us a moment to integrate the seismic shifts that are unfolding and remove any last habits blocking our growth. Shedding your skin is rarely a comfortable process, but you’ll want to clear space for the massive changes coming down the pike. Whether that includes a relationship pattern, a belief set, or a defense mechanism that’s outstayed its welcome, everything you sever now will fertilize what’s starting to grow.

It's full on Taurus season! Being a Taurus, we have a fair amount of Taurus jewelry! We've also added a few more pieces to the Herkimer Diamond Collection for our April Birthstone.

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