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Today is my Birthday! If you'd like to help me celebrate, you could tag @jenkahnjewelry in a photo in a story or post on Instagram or leave us a Google review or a Facebook review. If you do any of those things you can use code JKBDAY24 in my shop for 20% off as a thank you! (It's good on everything except the new Cosmic Collection, Herkimer Diamond Collection and Emerald Collection.) Meanwhile I have a fab day of self care planned, can't wait! Thank you all for helping me celebrate! (Also Mercury goes direct today!)

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I received the best email on Monday that brought me to tears. This book journey is so intense, first just writing it but now knowing that people are reading it... this message means so much!

Dear Jen,
    I just finished your book this morning! (After spending some time connecting with the moon last night!;) I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from it, but I was so inspired!! It was pretty much exactly the “REAL woman LIVING life in a difficult world”, story that I needed to hear right now. I wanted to thank you for so openly sharing your story. 🖤
    Being a bit of an introvert myself, I was inspired, reading how you pressed forward in growing your business, and getting out of your comfort zone. 
I loved when you talked about doing the best you could with what you had! Throughout your whole story! I love that you are a successful business woman, plus a wife and mother at the same time.
    In a world where there is such short attention span, and instant gratification, I appreciated reading about your apprenticeship, and the dedication and time put into learning and perfecting your craft. 
    After reading your book I understand more, the energy that goes into your stunning work, and why I love it so much!! Thank you for creating such beautiful, fierce, magical, wearable art! 
    Here’s to you, to the community, and the future!
                                                                        Whitney :)

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A few months ago, I had a wonderful lunch with my dear friend Jess. We were talking about the Triple Goddess archetypes of Maiden, Mother and Crone. She informed me there is another phase... in between Mother and Crone...THE QUEEN. Feelin' that! I'm inviting you all to feel that too and if you are in your Queen era, to EMBRACE IT!

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