Cosmic Collection Release and Book Launch!

Welcome to Taurus Season! As a Taurus gal, this is my time. I've planned a lot of things that are coalescing and it's very exciting! My Book Launch Party and Cosmic Collection release is TONIGHT! (See the details below.) My books are for sale on my site!

Take Me to the Cosmic Collection

For this collection, I decided to step out from behind the camera to model. I'm thankful to Rhea Fowler for photographing me (she's available for grad pic sessions). I'm definitely noticing my age but like my jewelry, the effects of time and age, are, I think, what makes things more interesting and I'm trying to embrace it. I turn 45 next week. I'm proud of what I've worked hard for these past 20+ years and what I've accomplished and I'm going to try to relish in this moment!

This is one of my favorite new pairs of earrings from the collection, our Twisted Torque Earrings with Herkimer Diamonds. We've made them in brass or Sterling Silver.

I still can't actually believe I wrote a book! I started it last May and finished in February. I was simultaneously working on the cover, the Kickstarter, the rewards, and figuring out how to self publish in February, while also being sick and feeling like maybe none of this would actually come together. There were some dark moments and some tears. I pushed through it because it was my great wish to have it all done by the Eclipse... and here we are. I got a new tattoo to commemorate the book, the Eclipse and my Birthday and wanted to have Rhea get this pic!

My Book Launch Party is tonight! At my studio in the Soda Plant from 5-7pm, then we're taking the party downstairs to the Venetian Bar and Cocktail lounge from 7-9pm. I'll be signing copies of my book and we'll be launching the new Cosmic Collection plus we'll have a sale on select items. Come celebrate! D.J. Elemental will be bringing the tunes and the Venetian is making some special drinks - we're bringing back the Burlington Bojito (basil mojito) and a glittery Cosmic Cosmo! If you preordered my book through Kickstarter, your rewards have either been shipped or are ready to pick up!

Take Me to the Cosmic Collection

We've made a few sets of my new 4 reversible Sterling Silver Moon Pendants (that represent the 8 phases of the moon)! The full set of pendants allows you to change them out as needed so you can coordinate the proper phase with our current moon phase. If you're working with the moon to manifest your dreams (as I do!) wearing these pieces during their phases will be helpful totems to keep you on track! Find them HERE.

I've ordered these beautiful, handcrafted Lunar keepsake boxes that make the perfect box to hold the Moon Phase Pendants (or any of our other pieces). Find them HERE.

By Jodan Jordane Maree:
Today Taurus season begins. It's an invitation to:
come home to your body
tend to your nervous system 
revel in the pleasure of what it means to live in this tangible world
to move at a pace that honors your system
to feel safe, sustainable and secure
to live and move with the Earth, to be held by the Earth
to tend to the foundations of ourselves
This season, there is healing. This season, there is grounding. This season, there is a coming home to your inherent worthiness, value, safety, and belonging. 
Read more HERE.

There's also a HUGE planetary conjunction tomorrow! Chani Nicholas writes: "The planets of expansion (Jupiter) and disruption (Uranus) join forces in the sign of Taurus. This rare union will unleash waves of creativity, rebellion, innovation, and exploration in the collective. Let the games begin. 
Jupiter is an expander. As the planet of luck, abundance, faith, and wisdom, Jupiter gathers us under the umbrella of a common cause, belief system, or mythology. Uranus, on the other hand, is more focused on shaking up the status quo. The first planet discovered beyond what we can perceive with the naked eye, Uranus helps us smash the barriers that hold us back." Read more HERE.
It's that time again! I'd love it if you would nominate Jennifer Kahn Jewelry for the Best Place to Buy Jewelry (under the Shopping section). Find the link HERE. Thank you!!


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