Five Year Anniversary Event!

We have a few very sweet, special pieces to release this week. Some Amethyst Stalactite slices and some Fluorite Hestias. Scroll down to see them. Also, we're very EXCITED to invite all our locals to our 5 year Anniversary Event on February 1st:

I can’t believe I’ve had my Big, Beautiful Showroom for 5 years now! Let’s Celebrate!!

--All jewelry will be 20% off!
--I’ll have a rack of my Clothing and Accessories for sale - 50% off!
--We’ll have a Raffle and everyone who comes by gets a ticket!
--The first 20 orders over $100 will get a ticket for a FREE drink to Venetian Cocktail and Soda Lounge downstairs!
--Plus we’ll have Mini Cupcakes!!
--We’ll go to Venetian from 7-8pm (feel free to stay later!)
You’ll also get to see our Full Birthstone Collection!
--Dress up (if you want!) & Shop and have a drink with us! 

Thursday, Feb 1st!
Rain Day/Snow Day will be Friday, Feb 2nd
This above pic is from our invite 5 years ago! So sparse in the Showroom, now almost every inch is full...
These amazing amethyst stalactite slices are carefully hand cut to preserve their 100% natural shape and sparkling amethyst crystals... Each pair is one-of-a-kind and absolutely beautiful!

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We made some earrings and pendants with these and I have a feeling they will go super fast, this is all we have! There's one pair of earrings with Sterling silver bails.

While we're thinning down our lines and plan to only make the Hestia's with birthstones, I couldn't resist buying some Fluorite for a limited batch of Fluorite Hestia. I love the purple-green gradation of these stones. They're just so pretty! I guess I'm just really feeling these subtle hues.

We also whipped up a few in Sterling Silver!

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As you may or may not know, I'm writing a book! I'm almost done. It's about my journey as a jewelry artist with tips and advice for artists, entrepreneurs and small-biz owners. I'm so excited to be finishing it up! I'm self-publishing and planning to release it in April. I'd love to hear your stories! Also any questions you'd like me to answer in it. Email me at

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