New Moon in Capricorn

Happy New Moon in Capricorn! I'm so excited to tap into this work-oriented energy. For those who don't know, the new moon is when you begin to manifest your dreams! This is the first new moon of the calendar year so it's a good time to really think ahead for the whole year. What's your biggest goal, wish or intention? What steps can you make toward your goal(s) today? This week? This month? I'm planning some exciting things for the year...including self -publishing my book and vending at a BIG show. Also scheduling in downtime and some real vacations! So I'm zooming out with a macro lens at my year and dreams ahead and then zooming in on the months, weeks and days to take the steps to make them come true! I hope you can too! For now we're offering a 20% off SALE on select Moon pieces to get you in the mood. Use code NEWMOON at checkout.

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These Moon Manifestation Earrings are just the ticket to hone in on your magic and manifesting powers! Find them HERE. These are also available in an all silver version.
We have many Moon Hoops with faceted moon stones available. Find moonstone or another favorite HERE.
I took a wonderful workshop from Em of Garden of the Moon in the summer of '22. I was very inspired by her take on which animals go with each one's cycle also the moon phase/season and made some pendants.
See them all HERE.
I made these for Kori Gelinas’ Medicine Womyn’s Retreat. I was inspired by this amazing crew to create this image for Kori to use as a logo and for me to make these special medallions! They contain the Triple Goddess Moon and three dancing Goddesses that are outstretched between the roots and the trees. She has a few spots left in the upcoming 1 day retreat, click HERE for more info. Find the pendants HERE
Never miss an opportunity to manifest with the moon and set your dreams into motion with the help of this yearly lunar calendar. Printed with crystal-infused ink on organic cotton, this Lunar Calendar is a perfect way to infuse magic with home decor and prepare for the year ahead. We only have 2 left, see them HERE.
With this oracle, you will be able to develop your own intuitive abilities and use this deck as a positive prop to connect with the souls that have important messages to communicate to you. Through the magic in the cards' beautiful illustrations, and using the 176-page booklet, you will learn to increase your psychic power, gain confidence in your feelings, receive inspiring messages for your emotional evolution, and develop your spiritual skills. Find it HERE.

Keep your favorite tarot or oracle deck protected with this vegan leather magnetic tarot case, perfect for traveling or wherever you choose to pull cards. Find it HERE.

This beautiful 5x7 leather journal is made with ethically sourced, cruelty-free leather and filled with richly textured, 100% tree-free paper pages with a uniquely soft feel. It features an embossed, gold metallic lunar phase design, 96 soft cotton pages front and back, and dual tab closures. We only have 2 left! Find them HERE.

This sweet set of healing crystals comes with four crystal tumbled stones to help reduce stress, ease anxiety and promote restful sleep. A crescent moon trinket dish, matching information card and a printed drawstring are also included, making this a meaningful gift for those in need of some extra care. Stones include; sodalite, amethyst, howlite and clear quartz. Find them HERE.
The New & Waning Mini Moon Kit is the is the perfect tool for any banishing rituals or spells, and can serve just about any purpose in this regard. Banishing rituals are usually used when trying to rid or banish something from one's life such as bad luck, negativity, stress and anxiety, financial problems etc, but can also be used for protection against these things as well. Find them HERE.

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