Full Moon in Leo + New Stones!

Happy Full Moon in Leo! This is a potent one. My son was born on the Full Moon in Leo and a few years ago we found our house on the Full Moon in Leo! Today is a day to shine bright and love yourself fiercely! The full moon is also always a good time to feel all your feelings and then let things go...release...make space...and trust that things will work out. Today we're releasing a batch of beautiful stone earrings...
 Scroll down to see them. Also, we're very EXCITED to invite all our locals to our 5 year Anniversary Event, 1 week from today!

I can’t believe I’ve had my Showroom for 5 years! Let’s Celebrate!!
--All jewelry will be 20% off!
--I’ll have a rack of my Clothing and Accessories for sale - 50% off!
--We’ll have a Raffle and everyone who comes by gets a ticket!
--The 1st 20 orders over $100 will get a ticket for a FREE drink to Venetian Cocktail and Soda Lounge downstairs!
--Plus we’ll have Mini Cupcakes!!
--We’ll go to Venetian from 7-8pm (feel free to stay later!)
You’ll also get to see our Full Birthstone Collection!
--Dress up (if you want!) & Shop and have a drink with us! 

Thursday, Feb 1st!
Rain Day/Snow Day will be Friday, Feb 2nd

Shop New New

We have some lovely new Labradorite! 


Also some sweet Shattukite! 

We also have new Polychrome Jasper!

Shop New New

We've restocked many of our most popular new designs but our store orders are getting most of them and we only have 1 or 2 pairs left! If you want to grab a pair for yourself or a loved one, don't wait! It might be 2-3 weeks before we have more in stock. You can find them HERE.

Be sure to check out and enter my Full Moon Giveaway with @Kittybadhands! You could win one of her awesome Shearling hats and a pair of my Sterling Silver Fiore Earrings!

We did a trade and I love my hat! Kat's also releasing a small batch of them on HER SITE. Ooh this lantern looks like the full moon! Hope have a great day and weekend! xo

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