The eclipse was beyond what I expected. Totality. Felt like we were transported to some alternate magical world. So awe inspiring, so majestic. We were unbelievably lucky to get such a clear view here in Vermont. Who’s ready to be an Eclipse chaser? Sign me up. We spent totality on my studio roof with family and friends, then a potluck with more friends and then dancing the night away to Lady Moon and the Eclipse. They fully embodied the power and potency of it and brought it, and us, to life. So good to dance! I’ve been syncing my life up with the moon for years now, especially with writing and releasing my book. It was so cool to be holding onto my dream - materialized - in this moment.
The eclipse is all about figuring out who you are meant to be, why you’re here, now... and what you can offer to the collective. This has been my calling with this book, to share what I have learned, to seek and share my light. Still feeling so full. Drunk on the sun and the moon. Hungover on hope...
You can still preorder Eclipse pieces HERE. So happy that there's still so much interest in these and that everyone likes the new iterations!
We've also made some new beautiful (perfect for spring!) ocean jasper earrings. I just love the teal streaking through!

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Phased… We started making these on the Full Moon Eclipse on March 25th, they’ll be released on 4/19 as part of my Cosmic Collection! I’m bringing back some of our popular Mezzaluna Earrings… with the Moon Phases stamped in! As well as some of our Classics… that have been Phased!

Excited to have my book featured on @Pagesandhoops. She chose to do so on the Eclipse which was pretty special! Also my dear customer and friend Jane was the first to read my book (other than my mom, brother and employee Rhea!) and sent me this message that had me in tears...

"Jen, I’m sad that I finished reading your book because I enjoyed it so much, I didn’t want it to end! Your story offers wonderful insights on life, your writing style is easy to follow, and you paced it perfectly. It’s captivating, inspirational, engaging and heartfelt. Your story makes you fall in love with the writer! I enjoyed learning more about how and why you ended up where you are! It’s a great read - thanks for sharing it with me before releasing it! Jane xoxo"

Book Launch Party for April 19th (next Friday!!) from 5-7pm in my studio, then taking the party downstairs to the Venetian Bar and Cocktail lounge from 7-9pm! It will also be a little Birthday celebration for me - my bday is the following week! I'll have copies of my book and we'll be launching my new Cosmic Collection plus we'll have a sale on select items that day! Come celebrate!

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Those who preordered through Kickstarter are getting theirs first starting next week! You can preorder one (use button above) and choose local pick up or have it shipped at the end of next week!

This Sunday, 11-4! Laura Neal's Mala Class has a few spots left! I'm so excited to host her as she shares the Power and Purpose of Mala beads and Mantra Meditation while you learn to hand knot your own Mala bead necklace! Choose gemstones from Laura’s personal collection and finish with one of my charms to create your own one-of-a-kind piece. This workshop will take place at my studio in Burlington. Class is limited to 10 people. 

Mala with Brass Charm $160
Mala with Sterling Silver Charm $180
Sign up HERE.

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