Back In Stock!

Good Morning! Hope your first week of 2024 is off to a good start! After playing catch up, we finally have many of our sold out pieces back in stock and I've featured them below. Scroll down to see how you can earn $200 in jewelry credit with me! 

We now have several pairs of brass Lotus Earrings in stock! Of course now we're out of the sterling silver... These were our most popular earrings of 2023! Find them HERE.


We have more Sterling Elemental Earrings in stock! These also come in brass and come as necklaces. See them all HERE.

We sold out of the Brass Neo Mezza Earrings but we have a few more pairs ready to go now! These also come in silver. See them all HERE.

We finally were able to make some more Silver Divine Earrings. This style was the 2nd most popular last year. These come in brass too, see them all HERE.

We've remade/restocked our tiny Copper Selene Earrings. These are perfect for Valentine's Day if you're thinkin' ahead... See them HERE. 

Do you know we're in 75 stores? Half of them are in Vermont, the rest are scattered around the country. We're always looking for more stores. Help us get into one and you'll get $200 in 永 jewelry credit! (Please don't just send us a link though, you need to do the work to get the credit!) Do you have a friend who owns a shop? Or do you frequent a shop and know the owner? Put a word in with them, put them in contact with us ( and when they place an order for their store, you'll get $200 in credit! If you'd love to be able to shop 永 in person, but live far away, this is your chance to get us into your city/town/neighborhood. We do well in clothing boutiques, yoga studios, gardening centers, shoe shops, handmade good gift shops, salons, general stores, wellness centers and galleries.
Golden Hour is our best store and they have 3 locations now (Burlington, Winooski and Colchester). They offer the biggest selections of my jewelry outside of my studio. You can see our full list of Stockists HERE. We got into 10 new shops last year! In Vermont - New Moon in Randolph, 10 Stone in Vergennes, and Urban Salon team in South Burlington. We're now in Indigo Boutique and Botanika in Pennsylvania, Sfingyday which has stores in Seattle, WA and Austin, TX. Also Kripalu in Massachusetts started ordering again, plus Wildmother in Minnesota, Mother Wolf in Nantucket and Wild Pines in California.
Bergamot + Amour in Williamstown, Vermont, just placed a HUGE order and we're so excited to be so well represented by them. Amanda and Peter handcraft all of their luxury leather goods. Below is a photo of Amanda in their store. I'm obsessed with their work and just ordered another beautiful bag!


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