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When you click on any Item, you can choose to "Add to Wishlist" (below the "Add To Cart" button). You can then create your Wishlist (and even multiple ones!) and keep adding to it over time. You can save it for your return visits and of course share it with your family and friends via email or social media.
From today through December 15th, if you share your Wishlist with your friends and family you will be automatically entered into our 2023 Wishlist Contest! One lucky winner will receive a $100 永 Jewelry Gift Card! The GREAT part is, even if you don't win our contest, you're STILL letting your people know exactly what you want for the Holidays!
If you're searching for a gift, and would like some help, these are our most popular earring designs. You can click the link below or come to my Burlington studio, for December we're open on Mondays!

We just finished our last batch of Feather Earrings for the year, you can see them all HERE.

We've already sold many pieces from the new December Turquoise Collection so we just made a few more pieces. See them HERE.

I recently had a lot of fun taking some photos of my current favorite jewelry pieces mixed with special had-to-have gift items we're now carrying. Here's the Moon Phase Crescent Necklace on Dragon Skin Turquoise, The Sterling Silver Lotus Root Earrings and a brand new Turquoise Taliswoman Pendant. We have a few bottles of Moon Dew Facial Mist from Moon Bath, Leather Moon Phase card holders and Gift Boxes.

I'm envisioning a cozy winter full of baths and writing and self care. I've tried to curate lots of items that you can add on to your 永 jewelry gift-giving this year to make it super special and to make it easy for you to to have that one-stop-shopping experience! Here we have Celestial Body, a shimmering body spray that I'm obsessed with. We have some Moon Phase Jewelry dishes and tiny vases. Also featuring my Roman Glass Earrings and Taliswoman Necklace
I often wear my Brass Sun Shield Earrings, they make me feel like a Queen! I pair them with my Nebra Disc Necklace. I love these Moon Phase Incense holders for jewelry dishes. It's slender enough to keep on the edge of your tub to hold jewelry during a dreamy bath. We've also restocked these popular Moon Kits.
I feel so strong and beautiful in these: Sterling Cuff Bracelet, Sterling Cuff Ring (these make a fab set!), Mixed Metal Moon Totem Earrings
adjustable Moon Ring (a best seller - I'm always wearing mine) and a Sterling Crescent Moon on a strand of Aurelite 23 stones. We also have a few sweet tiny wood Boxes with brass moon phases and this flowery Botanical Bath Tea from Moon Bath.
We have a few Journals in stock which always make for a great gift. This one is velvety and comes with an Amethyst-filled pen! These Moon Kits come in  Full/Waxing or New/Waning, so hard to choose. My Orijen earrings have been hugely popular this year. They go well with my Athena Owl Coin Pendant. We have only a few of my new Sheild Rings left! Add any or all of these pieces to your Wishlist and send it out into the world! 

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