Reflecting on 2023

A lot happened this year! I'm going to highlight some of the good, the bad and the beautiful.
In January we started working on a monthly Birthstone Collection. It debuted in February with our Amethyst Collection. Every month we came out with a new collection based on the stones that I could source, to make sure they're high quality but also affordable. We've rounded up most of my designs that include stones and have repeated them throughout the months. These make great and thoughtful gifts. If there's something of mine you'd like to customize with your or a loved one's Birthstone, just let us know! We just finished our January Garnet Collection (which will come out to email subscribers on Monday and everyone else on Tuesday) so it feels super satisfying to come full circle on this idea.
We spent a lot of time this year refining collections, adding many pieces that we plan to retire to our sale portal which opens up 2 days every month. We worked on a big website project - to turn many of our listings into variant listings so that we can slim down the bulk of the website. For Example, now instead of having 16 listings for our Classic Crescents, we have 4. So each metal (brass, copper, silver and gold) has a listing with 4 size options. This took a lot of time and effort and we're not quite done but that definitely helped to streamline things on our end. We've also done a lot to tighten up the website overall and to make it more shoppable.
Once we mostly finished that project, Jase was able to integrate our Shopify site with our Faire Wholesale site. That enabled us to sync up our inventory which was very exciting! Then he even took it a step further and started a bar code system and got a scanner and now we can ring up (scan) items in the studio rather than have to type the item in which saves a lot of time. All of these steps were really time consuming and it's so exciting to be on the other end and to have things be easier on us and our customers!
We partnered with some great local companies this year for our Full Moon Instagram Giveaways including April Cornell, Hen of the Wood and Vermont Flannel. I love this photo I took of Abby (@AbbySews) for our Vermont Flannel Giveaway!
In March, Precious Metal Clay was taken off the market. I've been working with PMC, a clay that turns to pure silver when fired in a kiln, for 23 years. I was shocked to find out they would be stopping production of this magical material last year so I stocked up on as much as I could. I've only ever had a few packages of it at a time. When I sat down to make my next collection, I didn't limit myself, because for the first time ever, I had this abundance. It was so freeing to work this way and because of that I designed a huge collection.
In April I debuted my Ornamental Collection which was so well received! 

In May I took an impromptu trip to Tampa to go to a Wellness Conference and meet the Moonology author Yasmin Boland and attend her seminar which was so wonderful. More on that soon...
On the flight there I started writing a book (that I've almost finished). It's about my jewelry journey and all the lessons I've learned and the tips that I feel called to share with other artists and entrepreneurs. I hope to have it come out in the spring.
Vermont was devastated by terrible flooding once again this past July. I had just finished writing about Hurricane Irene and the money I raised through the sale of my Repairing Vermont Pendants in 2011. I was literally pulling together the images of the piece and typing out the story as the rain was pouring down. When the footage of the destruction came out I asked if people thought I should try to raise money again with the pendants, I had everything ready to put out the pre-order. We raised over $15,000!!! You can see where I donated all the funds HERE.
We took a family vacation in NH and Maine in August. In September my husband and I celebrated our 10 year Anniversary. We renewed our vows where we got married and I wore my wedding dress again! This was so lovely to recreate this moment for our son, who always asks why he wasn't at our wedding, even though we explain that he wasn't on the planet for another 4 years! We celebrated with a beautiful photoshoot by Danielle Dallendorf
In September I debuted our Roman Glass Collection, a combination of many of my new and old elements mixed with Ancient Roman Glass. These pieces look museum worthy and I just love them. 
In October I introduced the Mod Collection, pieces with a fun retro late 60's/early
70's vibe. 
In the fall I started hosting events in my studio - excited to do more of this! We did a vision board making get together and a month later, a Visible Mending workshop with Lauren Oliver. Next year I'm already planning on hosting a Mala Making workshop with Lauren Neal and a Macrame workshop with Christel of Meadowlane Macrame. Be sure to get on my email list for announcements of upcoming events (and new releases...and SALES!) Just go HERE and sign up in the pop up box or in the teal box at the bottom of my site. 
I designed one last collection that debuted in November, the Heavy Metal Collection - some rock-star-worthy adornment and these pieces have also been hugely popular, so thankful for that! And for all of you who are loving my new designs. 
I had a lot of fun buying up Moon themed gifts to sell alongside my work, to make any gift extra special this holiday season. I'm calling this little section of my shop the Full Moon Boutique. You can see these sweet curated items HERE.
We got into 10 new stores this year! In Vermont - New Moon in Randolph, 10 Stone in Vergennes, and Urban Salon team in South Burlington. We're now in Indigo Boutique and Botanika in Pennsylvania, Sfingyday which has stores in Seattle, WA and Austin, TX. Also Kripalu in Massachusetts started ordering again, plus Wildmother in Minnesota, Mother Wolf in Nantucket and Wild Pines in California. Bergamot and Amour in Williamstown, Vermont, just placed a very big order and we're so excited to be so well represented by them soon.
In other news, we got a bunny this year.
She is very sweet when she's not being totally terrible.
I got 2 new tattoos this year, new body art always makes me feel more "me"!
We saw some amazing shows  - Sylvan Esso, Lumineers and Michael Franti to name a few. My friend Liz even got us backstage to see Franti - a true highlight of the year! Read all about that HERE.
WOW! No wonder I'm exhausted. Writing about all we've accomplished this year makes me feel so proud and so tired. I'm very thankful for my team: Jase, Amber, Barbara and Rhea for implementing all these changes with me and helping make all of these new designs. We're so thankful for you and your support - whether you're a long time patron or a brand new customer. Thank you so much for being a part of my jewelry journey! Here's looking to 2024 for more balance, for peace, for progress, some great fun and some good rest. xo

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When my children were young and wanted to know why they weren’t somewhere that I went before they were born, I told them they WERE there “waiting in the egg.” Because women have all our eggs throughout our lives.

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