Repairing Vermont Pendant


Y’all are amazing!!! We’ve raised and donated $ 15,830!!! 😂 

$4330 to the VT Flood Response & Recovery Fund
$1000 to the Vermont Disaster Recovery Fund
$2000 to @intervalecenter
$1500 to @nofavermont
$1000 to 
$500 to @montpelieralive

$500 to @junefarm_
$500 to @pitchforkfarm
$500 to @footebrookfarm
$500 to @intervalecommunityfarm
$500 to @altheasatticboutique
$500 to @rootedyogavt
$250 to @buch_speiler_records
$250 to  @kittykornercafevt
$250 to @rebelheartcollective
$250 to @weareoutintheopen
$250 to @capstatvt
$250 to @rabblerouserchocolateandcraft
$250 to @bohemianbakery
$250 to @splashnaturals
$250 to @bearpondbooks

$250 to @studioplacearts

Thank you for helping me help these organizations. It feels so good to be able to find ways to give back. Love you Vermont!

I first made these back in 2011 when hurricane Irene tore through Vermont. The devastation that it caused was overwhelming. The only comfort in the wake of the storm was how the Vermont community came together. Everyone was helping out. I wanted to create a piece that I could sell to generate some money for the relief effort. I didn't want to just create a generic design though, I yearned to make something meaningful. Then it came to me, my signature "patch" design would work so well here. Vermont has been broken, torn up but it's being patched together, healed. The beauty is in the binding. I stopped making these in 2012 but I'm bringing them back due to all the flooding and happening around our state.

100% of the profits after the cost of producing these pendants will be donated to various Vermont Relief Organizations, Farms and small businesses.

Each one has my JK signature on the back. This symbol's not only my initials, it's the Chinese symbol for "Forever" (which works really well in this case "Love Vermont Forever").

Pendant is 1" in length

16-18" Sterling comes on oxidized sterling Silver chain

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