SALE!!! TRIO SET OF LOC BEADS! YOUR CHOICE in Brass, Silver, or Mixed Metals!


I designed and created these assorted loc beads a few years ago and ever since we've been selling them individually. Since people with locks prefer to have all or nothing when it comes to adding these adornments, it makes more sense to cluster these into groups of three that we can offer at a discounted price! More bang for your buck and more beads for your locks! All of these coordinate so well with the rest of my jewelry! Available in all-brass, all-silver, or a mix of two brass and one silver- choose yours below!

Whether you have full or partial locks or you just feel like creating some simple braids, these just slide on and stay in place! 

Available in these styles:
- Textured Cuff Bead - Adjustable from 7mm~10mm
- Small Fern Bead - Approx. 3/8" with a 7mm opening
- Small Leaf Bead - Approx. 1/2" long with a 7mm opening
- Moon Phase Bead - Approx. 1/2" long with a 7mm opening

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