Small Brass Hoops with Roman Glass!


While these began as part of my TINY Hoops collection, we've also started making these in our SMALL sized hoops. Each contains an amazing piece of shaped Roman Glass, bookmatched to create a pair, with each piece wire-wrapped into our Hammered Brass Hoops with Sterling Silver earwires.
Roman Glass:

Roman glass is the result of a stunning piece of historic craftsmanship dating back 2,700 years to the time of the Roman Empire. Before then, glass was available only to the wealthy and was manufactured by core-forming, casting, cutting and grinding. With the invention of glass-blowing around 50 BC, glass instantly became available to the less wealthy public. The Roman glass industry rapidly developed over a couple of generations during the first half of the first century A.D. Glass vessels became commonplace throughout the empire and were exported to places as far away as Scandinavia and the Far East. The people of the Roman Empire used more glass than any other ancient civilization.

The same sands used to make the glass helped preserve it through the centuries, shaping and molding it into the beautiful pieces that are excavated today. Two thousand years of burial in minerals and soil combined with wind and weather has resulted in pigmented deposits on the surface of the glass. Through oxidation, the pigment has developed into beautiful patinas of blues and greens, although other rarer colors can still be found. 

These earrings measure 1 1/4" in diameter.

*Due to the unique qualities of each piece, the pair you receive may be slightly different from the one pictured, but as we purchase them in batches, they tend to be fairly consistent to one another!

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