Dandelion Medallion Necklace: 2 Metal Options


This Dandelion medallion is a revived design from a collection I started years ago. Your choice of silver on an oxidized, adjustable 16-18" silver chain or brass on a matching brass chain, this piece is a simple yet powerful icon to display: 

"Dandelions might look simple and humble, but they are certainly symbols of healing. Even leaves of this peculiar flower have healing powers that can make our bodies and souls feel rejuvenated. Dandelion leaves have been used to cure many illnesses and pains, but as a flower symbol, dandelion is the symbol of emotional healing. Since they can endure almost any living condition, they represent overcoming every hardship by standing strong and proud."

"Dandelions are flowers that can persevere through all of the difficult living conditions. Because of this, they are considered symbols of survival and overcoming all of the difficult moments in life. They are also perfect proof how even the smallest and most humble people can be strong and powerful and overcome everything that gets thrown on their way. Many people consider Dandelions to be perfect examples of how even the smallest and most humble people can withstand great hardships."

Available in 2 metals:
- Silver
- Brass

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