JK Polishing pouches! We've assembled these beautiful little 'Made in USA' cotton pouches featuring my logo that as a start can be used to keep your jewelry safe and separate in your bag- but they're also full of some really useful items! And these make for GREAT ADD-ON GIFTS to go with your jewelry selections!

Each pouch contains:

  • 2 polishing pads (Great for rings and heavy pieces!)
  • 4 polishing papers (Great for bringing back the luster of all of our NON-copper pieces!)
  • 4 additional silicone earring backs (held on a safety pin- super important to get in the habit of wearing these to protect from lost earrings!)
  • Instructions on how to polish your brass and silver jewelry (how to remove the tarnish but leave the matte finish) and some general jewelry care

*Polishing papers/pads are NOT FOR OUR COPPER PIECES! We go to great lengths to get that red patina on our copper, and polishing would remove the sealing wax we add at the end that is vital to preserve all of our hard work!

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