This listing is for a bundle of 20 silicone earrings backers that can all be used repeatedly! These are ideal for protecting your earrings from accidentally falling out or from being pulled out without your knowledge.

These tiny, soft, flexible and barely noticeable silicone cylinders easily slide on to standard earwires solving this issue! We also offer a hard silicone version that is designed to better fit thinner gold earwires (standard on all of our gold earrings or for those who require them for hypoallergenic reasons). Simply add a note to your order if you prefer this style instead, or to have a mix of the two sent to you.

And don't forget- if you do lose one of your JK earrings, we can certainly make-a-match to your remaining piece and have you rocking a pair once again! We charge half the price of the full pair for this service, and prefer to have the existing piece in our possession so we can truly match it for color, hammering, patinating, etc.)

These are so small, we can just ship them in a standard envelope for the cost of a $0.58 stamp, included in the listing price. (Please note that our shipping system may default to also charging another shipping fee, especially if you add other items- know that any incorrect shipping charges will be automatically adjusted and refunded!)

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