Large Sterling Silver Open Moon Pendant with Andesine


I'm so happy with this design! My open sun design needed a crescent moon for companionship, so I sculpted an extra large "open" MOON (this style reminds me of stained glass frames), seen here. I'm very pleased with how these look just by themselves, but they are even better when they're suspended below a beautiful row of Andesine crystals!

Andesine is associated with the heart chakra and is used to dispel negativity while providing clarity to one's thoughts. According to metaphysical beliefs, Andesine is also a grounding stone that can help ease stress. 

The diameter of the Sterling Silver Open Moon is 1 3/4"
The row of Andesine Crystals is 3" wide, and it is all suspended on a 16"/18" adjustable oxidized Sterling Silver chain.

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