Tiny Monstera Leaf Necklace


Inspired by my dear friend Nicole of @goldenhourgiftco and my favorite plant here in my studio (a Monstera that I bought from her shop in the early pandemic days!), these NEW, tiny Monstera leaves are super fun, super-detailed, eye-catching and EXTREMELY lightweight! 

I sculpted these Monstera leaves first as larger pendants for necklaces (also available here) in Brass, Sterling Silver... These newer versions are much smaller! I scaled them down to a little more than half of their original size and ensured they were nicely thinned down, but also extremely durable!

I'm very happy with these nickel-sized Monstera leaves (only in their overall diameters- you could stack 3 or 4 of these together on top of one another to get close to a nickel's thickness!) and can't decide which I like better- the brass or silver versions! Maybe wearing one of each is the way to go? And be sure to check out our matching Tiny Monstera leaf EARRINGS available in Brass or Silver! Combine one of these necklaces with the earrings and you've created a fantastic gift-set for the plant lovers in your life!

Each Monstera Leaf measures 7/8" wide x 7/8" tall and are about as thick as a playing card. Oxidized Brass 16"/18" adjustable chain. 

Available in 2 metals:
- Silver
- Brass

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