TINY SILVER Triple Triangles with Faceted Amazonite necklace


These TINY, rustic and shimmery SILVER triangles are spaced evenly on a strand of faceted Amazonite stones and will dress up jeans or go with your favorite bohemian dress. 


Glimmering blue-green in its hues, Amazonite echoes with ancient tales, jungle magic, and the sweeping flow of one of the world’s most mystical rivers. Nicknamed "The Hope Stone", Amazonite doesn’t shy away from putting a positive spin on life but doesn’t delve in blindly. It’s a gemstone that calls on the spirit of inner strength, magnified intention and a commitment to using that can-do attitude to get what you want.

The Amazonite crystal is a curious and beautiful thing. Awash with that wonderful shade of iridescent green-blue, it’s no wonder this stone is connected with the elements of earth and water. Ruled by Virgo and bringing not just a beautiful pop of color but also radiant healing properties, there are endless benefits to bringing an Amazonite gemstone into your life, your wardrobe and your home…

The 3 Sterling Silver triangles are spaced along the front of our 16" strand of amazonites.

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