NEW! TINY SILVER "SUN-BOW" Necklace (Facing Downward, "Loose-bow")


Another New design- TINY SUN-BOW! ("Loose-bow" version)

In addition to the two differently-sized "Sunbursts" I sculpted for this collection, I've also sculpted two different, TINY hybrids: merging both a TINY sunburst and a TINY rainbow accent together- SUN-BOWS!

This version features a super tiny rainbow with emanating sun rays at its outer edge. (The other tiny design features a "tight-bow", with a sunburst radiating from within a tiny rainbow...)  

We're also making these facing either upward (with two rings suspending it to the chains) or downward, seen here (one ring, centered to the chain).

This small Silver Sun-bow measures 1/2" wide x 3/8" tall, and is suspended on a 16/18" adjustable oxidized sterling chain. (These are also available in brass on oxidized brass chains!)  

*PLEASE NOTE: these designs are so new, after we sell out of our initial pairs, it will take just a couple of weeks to fulfill! Please allow for the extra time when ordering, just in case!

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