Mini Metal Feather Earrings


Yay! Here's a brand new miniature version of our popular "Metal Feather" earrings! 

The original style (also available here of course!) features more elongated and skinnier "feathers" and longer chains, creating a much longer earring overall- I created this smaller version for everyone who's loved those but have been passing on them because they feel they'd be too long for their personal tastes! 

Each of these new, smaller earrings still feature the three hammered, oxidized brass "feathers" suspended on brass chains with adjoining Sterling Silver chains. The new "feathers" are shorter and just a bit wider than the original style. They are very swingy and shimmery, light and free, still edgy and mysterious... and very rock and roll...

These hang 3 1/8" long from the Sterling Silver earwires to the tip of the bottom-most brass feather and 4 1/2" long from the earwire to the bottom of the chain. (These are 2" shorter than the original style- one of the pictures here compares the two styles!)

Also available here as a necklace! 

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