Brass DEEP Crescent Earrings - 3 Sizes


Another spin on my classic Crescent shapes: Hammered DEEP Brass Crescents! Similar in design to my standard Crescents, this style is almost a hybrid of my original Crescents and Disks, with less of a "cut-out" at the top, creating what I call a "Deep" Crescent because there is a lot more of the hammered metal left in this piece. And like the others, we use sterling wire wraps and earwires to finish these. Great everyday earrings. Bold but lightweight!

We offer these these in three different metals: Brass, Sterling Silver and Copper.

Small - 1" diameter & hang about 1 5/8" from earwire to bottom of crescent

Medium - 1 1/2" diameter & hang about 2 1/8" from earwire to bottom of crescent

Large 1 3/4" diameter & hang about 2 5/8" from earwire to bottom of crescent

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