Brass Moonstone Clusters with Turquoise


I've been obsessed with combining 2 of my favorite stones - Moonstone and Turquoise. I had so much fun designing this mini collection of 22 pieces, all so easy, breezy and summery! 

Moonstone and Turquoise are high-vibration crystals and I've read they're very compatible. They're both stones of divine feminine energy that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. They're good for self-discovery, intelligence, and cosmic consciousness.
Combining their energies brings inner healing, comfort, awakening, self-reliance, intuition, and karmic healing. YES! YES! YES!

This listing features three faceted, ellipsoidal Moonstones spaced with tiny Turquoise beads, silver wire-wrapped to Brass angled bails creating another iteration of my "Cluster" earrings.

Most of these are being offered as one-of-a-kind pairs, but we should be able to recreate some of them while we still have the appropriate Turquoise and Moonstone pieces on hand- this limited release contains some beautiful little pairs and helps me to clear space for new materials! 

Row of Moonstones and Turquoise beads is 1 3/16" wide and these hang 1 7/8" from Sterling Silver earwires

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