Ancient Sun with Moonstone Moon TURQUOISE + MOONSTONE


I've been obsessed with combining 2 of my favorite stones - Moonstone and Turquoise. I had so much fun designing this mini collection of 22 pieces, all so easy, breezy and summery! 

Moonstone and Turquoise are high-vibration crystals and I've read they're very compatible. They're both stones of divine feminine energy that nurture the mind, body, and spirit. They're good for self-discovery, intelligence, and cosmic consciousness.
Combining their energies brings inner healing, comfort, awakening, self-reliance, intuition, and karmic healing. YES! YES! YES!

This listing features faceted Moonstone Crescent moons suspended below my tiny, carved Brass Ancient Sun medallions, below faceted Turquoise beads.

Most of these are being offered as one-of-a-kind pairs, but we should be able to recreate some of them while we still have the appropriate Turquoise and Moonstone pieces on hand- this limited release contains some beautiful little pairs and helps me to clear space for new materials! 

Faceted Crescent Moonstones are about 7/8" tall x 1/2" wide at their widest, and these hang 2" from sterling silver earwires to the tips of crescent moons.

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