KAHN MAN: Brass Om Pendant on Brass Chain


We've been creating some new pieces and reviving some older designs to reinvigorate my "Kahn Man" line of mens/unisex pieces. Many of our customers find it very easy to treat themselves either online or in our showroom, but are challenged to find the perfect gift for a special man in their lives, as an example. So to provide more options, we've made longer necklaces featuring some of my classic pieces as well as some new designs!

This design features a carved lotus and the Tibetan script: "Om Mani Padme Hum."
Its direct translation is "Hail the Jewel of the Lotus" and means "The Sound That Strengthens Compassion in All Enlightened Beings."

This design differs from all of my other pendants because, as you can see, it has a gentle scoop to it! Perfect for those that like to play with their jewelry while they wear it- this is the right size for making thumb-circles while deep-thinking or just striving for moments of peace.

1" in diameter and suspended from a 24" Oxidized Brass Chain. (We can of course adjust the length by request!)

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