NEW! Chakra Kahn: IN GOLD, 5th Chakra THROAT Pendant with Faceted Peruvian Opals, Gold Chain


"Chakra Kahn" - my complete line of carved Chakra medallions worn as healing necklaces (with color-respective gemstones) as well as a full line of Sterling Silver or Gold medallions on silk-wrap bracelets/anklets, found here in my other listings..

Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”. It is a concept best described as centers of spiritual energy within the body. There are 7 major chakras. Each one has specific associations with certain elements, glands, colors, gemstones and physical and emotional disorders. Each one is also related to a personality trait, which can manifest in positive or negative ways depending if its energy is balanced or imbalanced. These pendants are visual reminders to help you focus on whichever chakra you’re working to balance. I love wearing mine!

5th Chakra: Throat - located in the center of the throat. It is linked to our creativity and ability to communicate. Also: proper judgment, ideal resolutions, release of temerity, augment self-expression. Associated body parts: throat and lungs

Peruvian Opal is said to improve one’s self-esteem and confidence, creativity and communication in the ability of the wearer. It’s associated with soft and relaxing energy.

This listing is for our brand new GOLD VERMEIL "THROAT" medallion on a 16", 14K gold chain with a centered 3" string of beautiful, faceted Peruvian Opals.  GOLD VERMEIL is a premier version of a thick electro-plating of 23.5 karat Gold over a solid Sterling Silver base- it's the right solution for us to provide everyone who wants their 永 pieces in GOLD that are durable, beautiful, and affordable! Still, we recommend that you wear these pieces gently and thoughtfully. The Vermeil is a surface finish after all, and although these pieces are quite stable, wearing these items regularly in the shower, for example, or while swimming (where various chemicals or elements could be abrasive to the finish over time) or being too rough with them, like tossing them onto a nightstand, could definitely damage their beauty!  This medallion is 5/8" in diameter.

My logo (which is my initials and the Chinese symbol for forever) is on tag by the clasp. 

A good affirmation to say when wearing or touching this pendant would be: "I am powerful, brave and focused. I choose the best for myself. I choose love, light and goodness. I am strong, centered and determined." This statement plus info about this piece would come on a little card with the pendant.

Makes a great gift!

1/2" diameter. I love wearing mine. It helps to remind me to seek balance and to take time to move my body.

Makes a great gift!

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