NEW! Chakra Kahn: GOLD Pendant/Chain: choice of 7 Chakras, GOLD VERMEIL


"Chakra Kahn" - my complete line of carved Chakra medallions worn as healing necklaces and wraps. Finally available here in GOLD! (My original Chakra line here features Sterling Silver medallions on silk-wrap bracelets/anklets, and we also offer them with color-coordinated gemstones on Sterling Silver necklaces!) But this listing is for the GOLD medallions on gold chains...

Chakra is Sanskrit for “wheel”. It is a concept best described as centers of spiritual energy within the body. There are 7 major chakras. Each one has specific associations with certain elements, glands, colors, gemstones and physical and emotional disorders. Each one is also related to a personality trait, which can manifest in positive or negative ways depending if its energy is balanced or imbalanced. These pendants are visual reminders to help you focus on whichever chakra you’re working to balance. I love wearing mine!

A good affirmation to say when wearing or touching this pendant would be: "I am powerful, brave and focused. I choose the best for myself. I choose love, light and goodness. I am strong, centered and determined." This statement plus info about this piece would come on a little card with the pendant.

These pendants are made with GOLD VERMEIL! (Vermeil is a premier version of a thick electro-plating of 23.5 karat gold over a solid sterling silver base- it's the right solution for us to provide everyone who wants their JK pieces in GOLD that are durable, beautiful and affordable!) The chain is 16" long, 14K gold. The 

Makes a great gift!

1/2" diameter medallions on 16", 14K gold chain. Choose your chakra from the 7 options!

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