Moon Phase Pendants


These 4 reversible Sterling Silver Moon Pendants represent the 8 phases of the moon! The full set of pendants allows you to change them out as needed so you can coordinate the proper phase with our current moon phase. If you're working with the moon to manifest your dreams, wearing these pieces during their phases will be helpful totems to keep you on track!

This listing features the full set of 4 reversible pendants including our 16"/18' adjustable, Sterling Silver chain- but you can also choose to just buy the pendants individually! Just select which version you'd like from the pull-down menu. Each individual, reversible pendant comes with a jump ring to slide them onto your own chain.

You can also purchase one of our signature JK chains with our 永 tag made for these pendants HERE.

Purchase the set of 4 with one chain and save $25!

You can purchase the perfect box to hold these pendants HERE.

Moons are each 5/8" diameter 

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