Medium Copper Pendulum Earrings with Brass Heishi Beads


One of my JK CLASSICS! If you know, you know!

(And if you don't...) Over the years, these "Pendulum" style earrings have become one of my most popular and recognizable JK styles. If you are a fan of my work, then you probably bought a pair of these very early on in your collection. These are often a go-to "first-pair" of earrings that people gift to one another to start their JK collections, too!

(Our local VT customers are always telling us that when they wear these, other people often approach them to say that they love their JK earrings, and that they own a lot of JK pieces, too!)

This Medium version is dramatic and modern yet still has an ethnic and tribal feel.  Hammered, flame-patinated Copper with oxidized sterling silver chain with the addition of Brass Heishi beads on each earring for a little extra spice! Delicate but noticeable and you can barely feel them in your ears! So versatile, great with a dress or jeans. 

You can search our listings to see that this pendulum style is available in 4 different sizes: Tiny / Small / Medium / Large, and each is made in 4 different metals options: Brass, Sterling Silver, Copper and Gold. (For the Silver and Copper versions, we also offer a more detailed version, seen here, in both the Medium and Large sizes where we add Heishi beads to the chains!)

This listing is for the Medium Copper with Brass Heishi Beads version. Pendulum measures 1 1/4" wide and is
4" long including sterling silver earwires.

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