Medicine Womyn's Medallion on AURELITE-23 Strand: 2 Metal Options:


I created this piece for Kori Gelinas’ Medicine Womyn’s Retreat. I was inspired by this amazing tribe to create this image for Kori to use as a logo and for me to make these special medallions! They contain they Triple Goddess Moon and three dancing Goddesses that are outstretched between the roots and the trees. I love that just by happenstance (and magic) the shadows of the rest of the circle of women are seen in the background! Together we rise!!!

1 1/4” diameter medallion. (Also available in simpler versions on just brass or silver chains.)

This listing is for the medallion suspended on a beautiful 16" Strand of Aurelite-23 crystals!

Auralite-23 is a very rare blend of crystals and one of Earth’s oldest minerals; estimated to have formed around 1.2 - 1.5 billion years ago. The name is derived from the “23” minerals that are contained within the chemical composition of the stone. When it comes to enhancing your intuitive abilities, clearing and healing your chakras, releasing old limiting beliefs patterns, shifting consciousness, and clearing any blockage that you have at any chakra level to help you bring dreams and intentions into reality, this is the stone!

Available in 2 metals: 
- Silver
- Brass 

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