Silver Lotus Root Earrings


These were so fun and spontaneous to make! I rolled out PMC and cut out my earring shape. I bent a brass circle cutter into more of an oval shape and at first I was just going to lightly texture with it but then I decided to cut out the shape. I kept going around, cutting out, and then I grabbed my smaller circle cutters to cut out the rest. The original was not made by a computer or laser cutter- this was all handmade by me! 

I was so pleased at how symmetrical I got it just by eye. The holes also allow these big earrings to be very lightweight which I always love. I asked on social media what these should be called and someone commented "Lotus Root!". After looking up Lotus root images, that's definitely what they look like! I already knew Lotus flowers were magic, but who knew the roots were so cool, too! 

The lotus represents spiritual enlightenment, beauty, fertility, purity, prosperity and eternity. Since the beautiful lotus flower springs up from muddy and challenging surroundings, the lotus became a symbol of hope and transcendence. Lotus root is an ancient ingredient used by Emperors and villagers alike, and proves very versatile.

Oxidized Sterling Silver Earrings are 1 3/4" diameter and are suspended by Sterling Silver earwires. These hang 2 1/4" from the earwires to bottoms of the medallions.

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