I've been craving bigger earrings. Watching shows like Daisy Jones and the Six when it first came out and Minx, I just love the Mod designs of the late 60's and early 70's. The shapes are so big, bold, fun and flirty! The styles are inspiring but I'm not a fan of the plastic materials or bright colors. So I took to my sketchbook to redesign, to get the vibe and then bring in my own style, ancient looking, hammered, muted earth tones. 

It's funny because I've kind of always been inspired by ancient designs, to modernize them and bring them forward. This time it was taking more contemporary designs and putting an ancient spin on them. 

These earrings feature a pair of oxidized and hammered Brass Circles that each have 3 brass paddle-shapes connected to their respective circles in a fixed position. The earwire fits gently around the top of the circle so these are self-centering as you move around.

Large Brass Circles 
are 1 7/8" diameter
Each Brass Vane is 7/16" wide x 3/4" tall.
These hang 2 7/8" from Sterling Silver earwires to the bottoms

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