TWISTED Torque Earring, Sterling Silver with Herkimer Diamonds


Limited Edition! I've made a very small batch of our familiar "Mezzaluna" designs with hand-stamped phases of the moon in each blade. This is a very time-consuming process - one wrong move and the piece is completely ruined... but totally worth it to reimagine the look of a few of these popular designs with one of my favorite motifs.

These are an amplified version of my Torque earrings with a little something extra! Each earring has 5 tiny Herkimer diamonds wire-wrapped with Sterling Silver wire at their bottom curves- sweet! They're bold yet still lightweight and have a medieval look to them. They hang freely on their earwires so they are easy to wear. I'm calling them "Twisted Torque Earrings" as the are reminiscent of ancient torque collar necklaces and have the Herkimer diamonds twisted around them!

These are Sterling Silver with Sterling Silver earwires. They're nearly 2" in diameter and hang 2 3/4" long. 

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