ROMAN GLASS Nomad Earrings in Brass


I rolled out PMC and cut these circles, and then I just started dotting this pattern. It was so much fun and freeing to not have a plan and just go for it and still have it come out symmetrical! I love creating my own texture on the spot with dots! 

Roman glass is the result of a stunning piece of historic craftsmanship dating back 2,700 years to the time of the Roman Empire. The people of the Roman Empire used more glass than any other ancient civilization. The same sands used to make the glass helped preserve it through the centuries, shaping and molding it into the beautiful pieces excavated today. Two thousand years of burial in minerals and soil combined with wind and weather has resulted in pigmented deposits on the surface of the glass. Through oxidation, the pigment has developed into beautiful patinas of blues and greens, although other rarer colors can still bebeautiful patinas of blues and greens, although other rarer colors can still be found. 

1" diameter and are suspended from Sterling Silver earwires. 3" long.

Please note that all of the Roman Glass pieces are unique, so the pair you receive may differ slightly from the pair pictured, but know that we receive these pieces in batches, and most tend to look alike in their size, shape, color and luster.

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