LIMITED BATCH! Apatite Earrings in SMALL 24K Gold Hoops


These small, gorgeous, raw Apatities are hand-wrapped with our 14K gold wires into Small-sized, 24K Gold hoops. (We've been up-leveling some 永 designs by adding a thick electroplating of 24K gold over our cast brass medallions- this combo allows for all the beauty and durability of the Gold finish while being much a more affordable option than solid cast gold!)

Energy-wise, the Aquamarine is ruled by the Moon and is infused with yin or feminine energy. Because of its flowing, peaceful energy, Aquamarine has a strong ability to help move, protect and purify your own energy and thus aid emotional healing as well as deepen meditative states. Its energy can feel like splashes of fresh ocean water—playful and a bit mischievous, too!

Apatites are 3/8" tall x 3/8" wide. 24K Gold hoops are 1 1/4" diameter and these hang 1 3/4" total from 14K Gold fill earwires

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