INFINITY Symbol Pendant in Brass on Oxidized Brass Chain


I've added another important symbol to my collections! I created this piece using my traditional method of working with Precious Metal Clay (PMC) to roll out and sculpt and cast this iconic piece in both Brass and Silver versions!

n addition to its use in mathematics, the infinity symbol is used to represent several abstract concepts. The symbol is commonly used as an expression of endless love or hope. It can also represent limitless opportunity, and to many it is synonymous with loyalty. An infinity symbol implies that something will last forever. Many people put infinity symbols on their wedding bands to signify never ending love. If you buy an infinity necklace for a friend, it would indicate that your friendship will never end. 

Some say the infinity symbol is divided into two sections and represents two individuals, elements, or two different aspects of an individual. This makes it a great gift for couples, or people going through a time of introspection. The shape has no beginning or end, and can be imagined as either a bent circle or two separate but connected teardrop shapes.

Brass Infinity Symbol: 1" wide x 1/2" tall x 1/8" thick (in the center where the symbol overlaps itself)
Necklace is our Oxidized Brass chain set at our standard 16"/18" adjustable length
Also available in an all Silver version!

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