Gold Rainbow Necklace, 24K GOLD VERMEIL


NOW AVAILABLE IN THIS GOLD VERSION! SMALL RAINBOW ("Loose-bow" version, facing upward) 

I sculpted two different versions in this small size- we're referring to the one listed here as a "loose-bow" (meaning that there is more separation/wider gaps between the arcs- my other version has no gaps, creating tighter linear arcs, making it a "tight-bow"...) 

These pendants are made with GOLD VERMEIL! GOLD VERMEIL is a premier version of a thick electro-plating of 23.5 karat Gold over a solid Sterling Silver base- it's the right solution for us to provide everyone who wants their 永 pieces in GOLD that are durable, beautiful, and affordable! Still, we recommend that you wear these pieces gently and thoughtfully. The Vermeil is a surface finish after all, and although these pieces are quite stable, wearing these items regularly in the shower, for example, or while swimming (where various chemicals or elements could be abrasive to the finish over time) or being too rough with them, like tossing them onto a nightstand, could definitely damage their beauty!  The chain is 16" adjustable 14K gold.

There are so many different meanings associated with rainbows. A general spiritual meaning associated with rainbows is a bridge- the arc of a rainbow appears to create a sky bridge that connects one side of the earth to the other. This is often viewed as a symbol that you can move from one moment or situation to another. Some people believe rainbows signify a new beginning- this can be an unexpected turn or an omen for anyone struggling with a life crisis and it is often interpreted as a sign that they need to break from their current path and start over. And others who feel they need to make a change find the sudden appearance of a rainbow as a sign to take that leap of faith- the arrival of the rainbow delivers a flicker of hope that it's possible.

This Gold Rainbow measures 7/8" wide X 1/2" tall, and is suspended on a 16", 14K GOLD chain. (These are also available in Brass or Sterling Silver on oxidized chains!)

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