Medium Forged Brass Diamond Shape with Heishi Beads Earrings


Here we have another shape in my collection of simple, hoop-style earrings- Diamond-Shape!

As you can see, these forged and hammered Brass hoops are bent into softly-rounded corners to make these diamond shapes. We also add a few Heishi beads to each earring for a little more jingling action- these are free-moving along the entirety of the brass, but tend to congregate and center themselves on the bottom corners. Modern and elegant, these are great for a night out or to dress up a tank and jeans!

We make these in four different sizes, TINY, SMALL, MEDIUM (listed here) and LARGE. We also make these as "doubles" with a smaller diamond nestled inside a larger one, as well as ones that have precious gemstones centered within the hoops.

These hang 2 3/4” from Sterling Silver earwires to the bottoms of the "diamonds".

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