Citrine Tiny Brass Taliswoman Earrings #4


Our November birthstone is CITRINE, and once again we have some lovely gemstones to use in our earrings and necklaces! 

These small earrings are eye-catching, lightweight and powerful! The long, oval CITRINES are suspended from our smallest-sized, oxidized and hammered brass bails with Sterling Silver wires for subtle contrast, allowing the crystals to gently swing in place as you move around. What I love about these are how petite they are! 

Citrine takes its color from the traces of iron in the quartz and can be anything from pale yellow to bright shades of orange. Citrine tends to have a hexagonal crystal system and in its natural form has a cloudy or smoky look. The spiritual meaning of citrine is focused on prosperity, joy, and energy. In times of low to moderate stress, Citrine is a perfect ally for realigning your energies back into balance. Citrine is also known as the "Merchant’s Stone", due to its ability to transmute energies quickly and easily, facilitating transfers of energy from one to another.

The Citrines are 5/8" tall x 5/16" wide. The Tiny Brass bails are about 1/2" tall so these will hang, on average, 1 1/4" from the Sterling Silver earwires to the bottoms of the Citrines.

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