Copper Chevron Earrings: Single Chevron version


These copper chevron earrings can dress up jeans or go with your favorite bohemian dress! Our hand-hammered, flame-patinated and wax-polished copper Chevrons are suspended by oxidized Sterling Silver chains and Sterling Silver earwires.

Please note that this is a complete pair of earrings! "Single" refers to these having only one copper chevron on each earring, as opposed to our other available versions with two or three chevrons on each. All are available here in brass, copper and even mixed versions, and we also offer a few varieties of really wide chevron single and double earrings!

Each copper chevron measures 3/4" wide x 1" tall, and these single chevron versions hang 4" from their silver earwires to the bottoms of chevrons. Check our other listings for the variations!

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