Yay! Here is one of our brand new "multicolor" Amazonite Taliswoman necklaces that we have to offer! Our standard Amazonites (that you'll also find in our listings) are mostly a uniform teal/pale blue with soft, white striations running through them, but these have an assortment of extra earthy colors in ADDITION to their base, teal coloring! This one has some gorgeous golden/tan streaks in it that look great with the brass bail!

This listing is for a lovely, DOUBLE pointed, faceted AMAZONITE, measuring 1 1/4" tall. 1/2" wide, and it is suspended from a brass bail with Sterling Silver wire-wraps on a 20" Sterling Silver chain. THIS IS A ONE OF A KIND NECKLACE!

This soulful gemstone has long been used as a Taliswoman of truth and hope. As the gentle energetic flow of its color scheme suggests, it comes from the dense green riverbanks of South America’s rainforests. Amazonite has been around forever, and legend has it that this was the stone that lined the shields of the mythical Amazonian warrior princesses. It was also the gemstone that adorned the temples and tombs of Tutankhamun and was used to make the tablets that formed the elusive Book of the Dead. But even grandiose historical connections aside, strong healing properties and deep-set connections to the heart chakra and the throat chakra mark out the Amazonite stone as being something special. If you dream of living deeper, standing strong and proud in your authentic light and manifesting universal love, choosing to use Amazonite could be one of the best decisions you make. 

We list each of these necklaces individually (OOAK- One Of A Kind) and try to capture each one's unique character in our photos so you can choose the necklace that you consider to be the perfect one!

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