"FIORE" Earrings in Sterling Silver

We're calling these "Fiore" earrings, which is a gorgeous name of Italian origin, meaning “flower.” Inspired by the word flos, it follows in the footsteps of other flowery, feminine names, like Fiora or Fiorenza that come from Latin.

These certainly have a floral-inspired vibe, with open petals symmetrically placed around an interior edge with more open space to represent the details of the center of a flower. The openness of this design also keeps them surprisingly lightweight considering the heft of their profile- you'll be so happy to discover this when you wear them! I think it's another great addition to my style of earrings that make us feel empowered and protected by their fierceness, too!

The sculpted portion of these are just shy of 2" wide x 1 1/2" tall, and with the angled Sterling Silver wire to suspend them, they become 2 1/2" tall from their Sterling Silver earwires to the bottom-most point of the center petal.

Also available in a BRASS version!

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