Brass Oracle Necklace


I feel like this pendant formed itself. The nature of metal clay, it feels very primitive. I rolled out a small snake and flattened it, I cut out the hole at the top. Then I squished in the sides and this Goddess/Priestess form emerged. I decorated her with 6 dots which feel like chakras, the 7th being the hole of her head/spirit. I turned it over and added different circles to the back, making it reversible. This was made in a moment of play and curiosity and an urge to just see what happens and I love this little piece. I felt like it spoke through me and an Oracle channels the prophecies of the universe. Perfect for your intuitive friend that always knows what's up.

1 1/4" tall x 3/8" wide and is suspended on a 16"/18" adjustable Oxidized Brass chain.

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