Creating matching pieces/repairs for your customers:

We recommend that all customers wear the provided backs on their earrings to prevent loss. Often a customer requests a match to a missing earring. Unlike the normal inventory we offer for wholesale, where you are paying ½ of the current retail price (where we make things in batches and streamline our processes to make this a viable sales channel for us), creating “one-off” pieces to match lost jewelry, or repairing existing pieces, or handling specific custom requests, needs to be handled a little bit differently:

We will be happy to accommodate these requests directly through you, to enable you to maintain a relationship with your customers that is completely separate from us, however the pricing structure will be set up as if your customer came directly to us. This means retail pricing, not wholesale, and no discounts on our end can be applied for this type of work. This is because it takes a lot more time to create a match to an older existing earring, for example, versus making a brand new pair. Essentially, this can be a service that you directly provide your customers without them needing to contact us directly, but with the understanding that you are doing it as a service to protect your relationship with them, and not as a way to generate income from the transaction. 

As an example:
Normal Wholesale transaction: You order a particular pair of silver earrings = $100 retail. You would pay $50 wholesale, no tax. (Plus any shipping costs, if applicable.)
Repair/Replace transaction: Your customer asks you to have us replace a single lost earring for the same pair mentioned above. We would charge ½ the retail amount (since it’s only one earring, not a pair) so $50 is what we would have the customer pay, with tax added, plus any shipping charges. This is what we will charge you, and what you should also charge your customer, without additional markups, to keep pricing consistent. (So not $25, as if it were half of the half price, as a normal wholesale transaction theoretically would be.) Again, it doesn’t allow for you to make a profit on such a transaction, but it does allow you to maintain a direct relationship with your customer that does not involve us, which should hopefully allow for return sales for you!

Since it is very possible that you may not want to offer any service that takes up your time and yet does not generate any profit, you can of course just send your customer directly to us, confident that our pricing would be consistent with yours and it would allow us to service your customer without the need to take up your time to facilitate the transaction. This option, of course, does put your customer in direct contact with us, which has the potential of leading to direct sales with us, possibly excluding you from future sales. 

It is a trade-off worth considering. Is it better in the long-term to provide the service for these rare occurrences with no profit margin, or better to exclude yourself from them entirely and direct your customers to our website/selected social platform? We can accommodate whichever solution makes the most sense for you and your business, and of course we will always provide the pricing estimate to you before any work is done. You could always purchase a new pair for the customer and make your standard profit on that pair but if their item has sentimental value they may want a match.